Industries Served

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Making Your Business More Profitable

Plaspros is proud to serve a variety of industries. Our flexible production capabilities and technology give us the unique ability to adapt and serve new markets when required. Injection molding is one of the most cost-effective ways to build both functional prototypes and quality end-use products. Depending on the type of application and type of part you want to produce, Plaspros offers several processes to choose from. Listed below are just some of the industries we serve.


There are many benefits when sourcing plastic injection molding services within the medical industry. From facility equipment, medical devices, furniture, and product components, Plaspros has the ability to meet the precise specifications and stringent regulatory demands of the medical industry.


At Plaspros, we specialize in custom, precision plastic parts and assemblies for many types of dispensers. We offer customers the freedom of design, transparency, and color schemes in the most efficient process available and provide the convenience of assembly, packaging, and warehousing all under one roof.

Hospitality Supply

In the hospitality industry, durability and quality are a must. Plaspros is well known for its ability to produce high quality parts rapidly, with zero defects. Utility carts, furniture, containers, and step-on-stools are just some of the plastic injected products we manufacture.


Plaspros has experience in the Agricultural industry and offers the skills and technology to produce complex injection molded parts for all types of farm equipment. Our engineers know the regulatory landscape and conduct rigorous testing to meet all requirements with little or no product defects.


The safety and performance of construction equipment is critical. Injection molded parts from Plaspros offer custom solutions for strong, dependable parts that stand the test of time. There is a strong demand for fasteners, plastic fasteners have proven to withstand the elements.   Equipment downtime can cost millions when dealing with inferior products. Why take the chance?

Water Movement

Plaspros excels in producing accurate, precise parts for OEMs in the water irrigation and fluid handling industry. From filtration and hygiene components to pumps and disinfecting equipment, Plaspros maintains a strict manufacturing process for excellence and efficiency.

Consumer Products

You have probably already experienced the injection molding expertise of Plaspros. From houseware accessories to small appliances and parts, many of these everyday items are injection molded. Why? Because they can be produced quickly, precisely, and affordably. We thrive on design and engineering.