Tool Engineering & Management

Reduce Your Overhead with Expert Tool Engineering & Management

The mold, also known as the tool, is the most expensive item built to produce a plastic part. We know the complexities of working with molds, and have the experience to properly maintain them. We offer a highly skilled, in-house tool engineering and management department to save you time and money. Proper tool maintenance, repair and storage ensures quality parts and extends the life of your tools. We provide timely maintenance, repair and storage for your most valuable assets.

We Know Tooling

At Plaspros, we understand what it takes to create high-performing components, and we know the risks involved if tools fail. We offer an in-house tooling, inspection and engineering team and dedicated tooling department onsite to avoid costly downtime, expensive tooling transportation, and timely rework. From design to in-house tool management, even the slightest deficiencies are reported and maintained as we carefully oversee every step of the production process to maintain quality.

  • In-house Tool Management
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Tool Repair, Adjustment & Enhancement Service
  • 2,500 Sq. Ft. Dedicated Tool Room
  • Steel and Aluminum Tools
  • Established Relationships with Domestic and International Toolmakers
  • Existing Tooling Enhancement
  • CAD and other Engineering Schematics

Tool Storage and Handling

Routine internal training provides strict procedures and step-by-step guidelines for how the preparation, transportation and storage of these critical components are handled. Regular checks are conducted as molds are carefully transferred to and from our climate-controlled storage areas. Even the slightest deficiencies are reported and maintained within the Plaspros tooling department. This results in fewer mistakes, faster mold changes and ultimately cost savings for our clients.

  • Mold Transfer Training and Monitoring
  • Efficient Mezzanine Storage
  • Climate-controlled Storage Environment
  • Automated overhead cranes provide maximum lifting and efficiency