Value-added Services

We’re Not Just a “Shoot and Ship” Business

Plaspros backs all our services with the Plaspros commitment to quality. This extends throughout our facility, and includes our secondary and supporting service solutions strategically located in-house for maximum production efficiency. Our integrated downstream operations provide component and packaging procurement and management, full assembly of parts, and complete packaging to ensure safe shipment.

Customer Journey

Integrated Downstream Options

Press-side Assembly
Primary & Secondary Packaging Primary & Secondary Packaging
Custom Labeling Screw & Assembly Stations
Pad Printing Production Drilling
Customized Fixtures Motor Assembly
Stamping Silk Screening
Gluing Booth Stamping
Production Drilling Customized Fixtures
Ultrasonic Welding 4 Full-time Assembly Lines
Screw & Assembly Stations Custom Labeling
Pad Printing

At Plaspros, we listen to the needs of our customers and work in collaboration with them to enhance the quality of their products to efficiently speed them to market.

Our Productivity Supports Customer Growth

Although Plaspros has extensive know-how and expertise for optimum production efficiency, we continually explore and invest in training and technology to improve production, grow our company and generate the most value for our customers. We believe the future of manufacturing is in adapting to the day-to-day challenges and needs of our customers.

Customer Journey

Agile and Responsive Across Entire Value Chain

At no other time in manufacturing history has value and efficiency been more important. Even the slightest delay in manufacturing could place a customer at a huge disadvantage. At Plaspros, we get it! The strength and wisdom of more than 50 years in business has made us uniquely equipped to handle the toughest challenges. Our in-house secondary services support this and help to shorten customer supply chains, improve quality, and lower costs.

We offer flexible production models that fit into the unique needs of our customers for short-term and long-term planning. Our vertical integration allows us to maintain control and integrity throughout each stage of product development.