Code of Conduct

Plaspros, Inc. Code of Conduct

To maintain the core values of Plaspros in an honest, ethical and legally responsible manner, where communication is expected, accepted and protected, we will conduct business fairly and consistently following our corporate code of conduct:

National Laws and Regulations

  • Plaspros complies at a minimum with applicable national, international laws, and regulations but we strive to set our standards higher.

Health and Safety

  • Our company will provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees. It is the responsibility of each employee to work in a safe manner and encourage other employees to do the same.
  • The safety and health of our employees will always remain a major consideration in the operation of our business.
  • The Plaspros Safety Team will meet once a month to implement and maintain our company safety program.

Employee Relations

  • Plaspros will always remain an Equal Employment Opportunity Company and upholds Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Business Practice

  • Employees are expected to conduct business in a transparent and ethical manner and shall not participate in any illegal, corrupt, or improper business practices.
  • Absolute confidentiality regarding all business and employee matters will be practiced at all times.

Respect for Human Rights

  • The Fundamental human rights of Plaspros employees, suppliers and customers must always be respected.
  • Plaspros will not allow child labor. Nor will we ever use force or compulsory labor for any of our operations.