Full Range, Affordable Injection Molding Specialists

At the heart of our production facility are technologies and services that allow us to deliver finished products efficiently with the latest in robotics that deliver a higher-quality product. No question about it, Plaspros has the tools and the team to handle your project.

  • 24 Injection Molding Presses (100-750 Tons)
    Includes 16 Electric Presses
  • 15 Precision Robots
  • Customized Automation
  • In-mold Labeling
  • Insert Molding
  • Pad Printing
  • Drilling
  • Ultra-sonic Welding
  • Press-side Assembly
  • Custom-build Fixtures
  • Shop Floor Monitoring
  • Real-time Analytics
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Two-Shot Injection Molding Specialists

Plaspros is one of few manufacturers who excel at specialty custom processes including two-shot plastic injection molding. This process requires advanced expertise and technologies. We operate multiple two-shot presses ranging in size from 400 tons to 750 tons. For complex, multi-color and multi-material plastic parts, processes such as two-shot can help reduce costs and increase speed to market.


Plaspros is now in a new era of manufacturing. As an essential process to our integrated operations, we believe automation is key to maximizing capacity, maintaining efficiency, and controlling costs. Plaspros continues to invest in the most safety-forward automation equipment available to ensure proper handing of critical parts and tool integration. We believe successful manufacturing companies need to embrace new advances, while staying true to enduring beliefs: that the foundational elements of manufacturing performance that were true in the industrial revolution, remain true for all manufacturers today.

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Material Handling & Support Systems

Injection molding resins have numerous qualities that impact performance and applications—both during production and in their end-use form. Plaspros has a deep understanding of the factors that impact resin pricing in today’s dynamic market environment. We understand the continual ebb and flow of the materials market and continually watch key factors that impact pricing. By being aware of these factors, we are able to identify price risks and what role they may play in the overall production plan for a part. We work with clients and suppliers throughout product development and beyond to identify the right material selection required for maximum cost savings, process performance and part output. Our material support systems include:

  • Material Moisture Analyzation
  • Temperature Control Storage Units
  • Central Chiller and Tower System
  • Central Drying and Loading
  • Strategically-placed Material Silos
  • Central Water Treatment System

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