Plaspros Meeting Demands of the New Economy

September 3rd, 2020 . Company News

Two-Shot Molding Technology Takes Center Stage With Product Developers

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit manufacturers in an unexpected and unprecedented way. For the first time in modern manufacturing history, demand, supply, and workforce availability are affected globally, all at the same time, as reported by Industry Week Magazine. Rising to the challenge is Midwest Based Plaspros, Inc., a third-generation turnkey plastics injection molding business founded in 1967.

Today, as the global crisis continues to fuel extraordinary challenges for industry, companies must radically simplify how they produce their products to meet the changing demands of their consumers pressured during these tight economic times. Bottom line, to meet demand and generate sufficient profits, production timelines require the highest level of efficiency, quality, and speed.

Enter Two-shot Technology.

Engineering support and innovation are nothing new to Plaspros. The company is one of only a few manufacturers who excel at specialty custom processes. Two-shot molding technology essentially offers two molding process in one single unit. Because cycles are short, and output is high, it can reduce manufacturing costs of product lower than traditional injection molding. Additionally, two-shot improves aesthetic and functionality of molded parts for companies eager to get product to market.

With its unique skillset and a series of in house two-shot presses, Plaspros has identified new opportunity areas being created by the challenging economic landscape and is poised to meet the demands of customers eager to streamline their projects from conception to production.

“Every decision we now make signals whether we will emerge from this crisis as the winner.”, states Plaspros President, Michelle Hoyt. “No doubt about it, it’s difficult times, but when we carefully reviewed our capabilities and technologies already in place, we were able to identify today’s looming challenges for manufacturers and realized we’re able offer affordable solutions.”

As companies balance cutting costs, driving productivity and implementing safety measures against supporting innovation-led growth, Plaspros is there to do their part to help the industry.