Plaspros Partners with Verdant City on Ventilator Expansion Device

May 28th, 2020 . Industry News

McHenry, IL – May 12, 2020 While the country fights together to battle coronavirus, one business in McHenry, Illinois is putting its legacy of craftsmanship to good use. In response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, plastic injection molding company, Plaspros, has agreed to collaborate with Verdant City of Los Angeles, California to begin industrial-scale production of Avama ventilator splitters. These simple adapter devices can double and quadruple the capacity of ventilators currently in use worldwide.

Projections by the World Health Organization (WHO) forecast a worldwide shortage of the ventilator devices needed to provide life-sustaining support to patients in the advanced stages of COVID-19. As the ventilator industry works to increase global inventory of their product, Ayama splitters will allow a single ventilator to safely treat multiple patients. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently reviewing the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application for Ayama.

While ventilator splitters can be created individually through 3D printing, Plaspros is responding to the urgency of the pandemic by manufacturing splitters through injection molding. The company’s efficient implementation processes and technology provide Plaspros with the ability to produce over 5,000 splitters per day efficiently and effectively.

“Ventilators are not easy to make. They must meet exacting standards of medical-grade equipment. The ability to manufacture components requires precise casting molds and production techniques. We’re proud that Verdant City recognized our skills in these areas and chose our company to provide solutions for their product” stated Michelle Hoyt, Plaspros President.

“Our current global pandemic requires large scale solutions,” states Verdant City CEO Elizabeth Reynolds. “By offering these life-sustaining devices to medical suppliers in high volume, we can ensure that each hospital has the inventory they need to efficiently serve as many patients as possible with the speed required. Plaspros has been a wonderful partner in this endeavor. They have gone above and beyond to support us in our mission to provide a simple solution to ventilator shortages, allowing doctors to focus on what matters: the patient.”

Ayama splitters will be distributed to hospitals and healthcare professionals, prioritized by areas of greatest gap between ventilator capacity to patient need.