Plaspros, Inc. Responds to American Renewal Action Plan

April 23rd, 2020 . Industry News

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States, recently released its “American Renewal Action Plan” which documents the nation’s response to COVID-19 and Plaspros was first to applaud their efforts.  

“We are – and have been – on the front lines throughout this crisis, providing our customers with the parts they need to keep their businesses moving forward and supply parts to the medical industry,” said Plaspros President, Michelle Hoyt. “This plan is proof positive that America’s stamina and resiliency in moving us past this challenge and on to building back the economy,” added Hoyt.  

Some of the key provisions included in NAM’s renewal plan include:   


  • Congressional and administrative actions to allow manufacturers to further ramp up production and enhance distribution of personal protective equipment to support not only our hospitals, but all sectors of the economy. 


  • Congressional and administrative actions to ensure that employees are able to go into work confident that proper health precautions are being implemented. 


  • Significant investment in workforce training programs to aid dislocated workers. 
  • Historic investment in our nation’s infrastructure to boost the economy. 
  • Key reforms to boost economic and national security by growing the U.S. manufacturing industry. 
  • Congressional and administrative actions to expand U.S. exports and strengthen the manufacturing supply chain. 
  • The Treasury Department, Small Business Administration and Federal Reserve should speed the delivery of aid to small businesses by addressing key issues related to their new lending facilities. 

Many manufacturers have stepped forward by ordering new equipment, updating product specification and training workers. Yet for some, systems were already in place to handle the need for equipment and supplies. “For those of us accustom to real-time manufacturing and retooling, adjustments were not drastic. Yet it’s impressive to see how others in the industry have stepped up and made a commitment to retool,” stated Hoyt.   

Industry leaders believe that we’re in the midst of true transformation due to the current crisis. Real-time manufacturing and retooling may be the new norm for American industry with sustainable manufacturing, technology and flexibility being the key to its longevity.